Durable & Flexible Foil Asset Labels

Rugged enough for rough environments, yet versatile enough to handle most any application, Label Outlet's foil asset tags and labels help ensure your valuable assets are always where you need them to be. Our foil labels are durable enough to stand up to chemicals and moderate abrasion, but are flexible enough to conform to most surfaces.  Our photo anodized products feature UV curable inks to protect against damaging ultra-violet rays making sure your barcodes and text will read and standout no matter now long they are out in the elements. 

Foil Barcode Labels are ideal for customers requiring a flexible label that will conform to most surfaces and withstand harsh conditions including abrasion, solvents, and high temperatures.

InfoDot Tags are ideal for customers who require a small circular tag, yet need a product that will withstand harsh conditions including chemicals, abrasion, solvents, and high temperatures.