Manage Hospital & Medical Assets

Tracking equipment and supplies is a challenge in any healthcare organization - large or small. Assets are often misplaced throughout the facility forcing busy staff to waste precious time tracking down intravenous pumps, wheelchairs or other supplies. If the equipment can't be found many hospitals unnecessarily purchase or rent replacements.  The products listed below can track assets found in a doctor's office, a hospital room, a laboratory or even in an operating room - making the process more efficient by saving you time and money!

Suggested Hospital & Medical Center Products

Aluminum Asset Tags resists abrasion, solvents, sun, salt air and high temperatures.  Ideal for customers who need a UV resistant tag/ label for outdoor exposure.

CraftMark polyester labels with full color sub-surface printing and .0035" thick adhesive provides great protection against extreme conditions and can outperform any standard polyester label.

Designed for a variety of applications, Premium Polyester labels are pliable enough to conform to curved surfaces and durable enough to resist caustics, solvents and mild abrasion

Autographs™, our metal industry leading nameplate line, is a solution for those needing a metal tag that can be customized with crisp looking product logos and information.

Foil Barcode Labels are ideal for customers requiring a flexible label that will conform to most surfaces and withstand harsh conditions including abrasion, solvents, and high temperatures.

Rearview Mirror Tags are an optimal choice for temporary or permanent access control in parking lots, gated communities and anywhere vehicles come and go.

Hang tags are ideal where labels cannot be affixed directly. Our sturdy construction allows our hang tags to be thin, yet rigid, offering excellent resistance to bending and tearing.

Metalized Polyester Bar Code Labels give the appearance of expensive metal material without the accompanying price tag.