Keep Track and Inventory of Church Property

Churches are known to host many services, events and gatherings. With with lots of functions both inside and outside the church building and being lead but a wide variety of individuals, it makes sense to inventory and track property so it is known where items are and if they are available. Use church asset tags to identify property and know where resources are and how they are being utilized.

Suggested Church Products

Tabbed Metal Nameplates offer an innovative tab design that makes liner removal easier and reduces adhesive contamination, which ultimately, makes the adhesive bond better to the applied surface.

CraftMark polyester labels with full color sub-surface printing and .0035" thick adhesive provides great protection against extreme conditions and can outperform any standard polyester label.

Designed for a variety of applications, Premium Polyester labels are pliable enough to conform to curved surfaces and durable enough to resist caustics, solvents and mild abrasion

ID Advantage polyestyer labels are ideal for high volume applications in a moderate environment.  UL® approved, this label can be customized with a variety of colors and sizes.

Foil Barcode Labels are ideal for customers requiring a flexible label that will conform to most surfaces and withstand harsh conditions including abrasion, solvents, and high temperatures.

Metalized Polyester Bar Code Labels give the appearance of expensive metal material without the accompanying price tag.